Dear Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch®,

I have to say to all of you reading this now:
If you trust no one to take care of your family member and want them to live with the dignity, respect, love, and care they deserve, this is the place to come. I trust no one with grandmother with her health and well being, but the staff and management at Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch
®. are now just like a part of our family. It was a living hell for me to watch my grandmother slip away from me, but this place and the staff helped me heal and mend in a peaceful non-hospital environment. I would test the staff just to see if they really did watch over my grandmother and nothing is shady with this place. You will feel how much they really do care and it's not just about business; it's about your loved one's dignity and that to me is priceless.     To read more, click here

SD L.     03/18/2015​
Carlsbad, CA

Dear Maria & Staff,
     This place is like heaven and the staff and Maria are Angels! My father got sick really fast and I couldn't give him the care he needed and he was also on Hospice. Hospice found this facility for me and Maria came to my home to visit with my father. She told me about her place and it was on top of a hill in Escondido. I went to see the place before I moved my father there and I fell in love with the home and everyone who worked there. My father was comfortable there and got the best care and we could visit with him at anytime. My father has past away, but in my heart he was not alone in this home. This is the place that you can leave your loved one to be taken care of and loved at the same time. 

Candace O.     08/20/2016
Vista, CA

Dear Eagles Nest,
     Having my great grandmother here is the best decision our family has made when it comes to the absolute best care possible. She is doing wonderful under the caring staff at Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch®. Visiting great grandma is special for us and it has always been very welcoming. Maria does an excellent job making sure each resident is cared for. The food is homemade!  
Doesn't get any better!!!

Marie B.     04/16/2015
Escondido, CA

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Dear Eagles Nest,
     As a former Ombudsman And personal caregiver, I can only recommend the love and care and attention to your loved ones needs found on a daily basis through the excellent management by Maria and her dedicated staff.  I have had the pleasure of  witnessing the compassionate care to the residents in her several care homes.  Maria is very gifted in having 'eyes in the back of her head' (so to speak) to look out for each resident's comfort. I am so grateful for the care she provided for my aunt, the pampering with manicures, coffee just the way she liked it, dressing her in happy outfits- always with just the right amount of jewelry, hats, scarves- she did this for each and every client, singing songs, and making sure she had a healthy diet ( home cooked meals!)  and the cookies she loved!    To read more, click here

Cheri W.     02/07/2017
San Diego CA

Dear Eagles Nest,
     When my Aunt was being discharged from the hospital I found out the day before that the care facility where she had been for 18 years could not meet her new medical needs. Fortunately, Elizabeth Hospice worked at the hospital and they were able to find a care facility for her where all her needs could be met. This new place was Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch and what a blessing it was! Maria and her staff were absolutely wonderful. They took such thorough, loving care of my Aunt which in turn gave me peace of mind.     To read more, click here

Barbara D.     05/01/2017
Escondido CA

Dear Maria and Staff,
     Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch® was a home away from home for my mother! When she could no longer stay in a care facility covered by medicare after her hip replacement and she was not responding to her treatments, I was clueless as to what I could do to manage her care.

   At Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch®, we could come and go as her family and know that she would get the best of care! Maria made a room available with an air mattress bed so that my mother would not get bed sores. Maria and her staff monitored her care and called us to come and be there as we neared Mother's death. The care was fantastic, providing privacy and comfort for our family to be there by her side.

I wholeheartedly recommend Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch® to anyone who is looking for tender loving care for their loved ones. 

Joyce O.     06/01/2015
Escondido, CA

Dear Maria,
     Husband was there for over three years and received excellent care each and every day.  When hospitalized, Maria came and attended to all his personal needs, just as she does at Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch® on a daily basis.  All staff is trained to do likewise.  
Maria really cares about all her patients.

Fern K.     04/11/2015​
Escondido, CA

Dear Eagles Nest,
     Maria and her staff took such loving care of my father, who was with her almost 4 years.  The care they gave was so personalized!  They truly are like family.  I would recommend them to everyone.  You can trust your loved one to get quality care with Maria and the Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch® staff.

Amy D.     04/29/2015
Springfield, MO

Dear Maria,
     Maria and her staff are the most wonderful, caring, knowledgable, thoughtful people. They are the exact people you want around you during a difficult time. My grandmother recently passed away, and she spent her last months at Eagle's Nest Retirement Ranch®. Not only did they provide the best, most attentive care- going out of their way for her and for us- they were a rock for my mother during this time. She made it through her mother's passing in large part due to her trust in the Eagles Nest staff and the support of Maria. For that, especially, I will never stop being grateful.     To read more, click here

Tiffany S.     04/09/2015​
Culver City, CA

Dear Eagles Nest,
Eagle's Nest Retirement Ranch was a blessing for my mother-in-law and out family.  Maria was a Godsend Angel.  She often initiated personal care touches including hairstyling, pedicures, and music opportunities.  She understood the need for additional desk area without our asking, she provided a longer side-by desk space for my mother-in-law who loved many items near her.  Eagle's Nest made birthday residents feel special.  She gave our family the freedom to enjoy the last year of Mom's life and still feel confident in her personal attention and care.  Maria worked well with hospice personnel and was respected by them.
P.S.     08/24/2017
Escondido CA

Dear Eagles Nest,
     Maria and her care givers are the best! Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch® has been taking care of my grandparents for over 8 years. The care that both of them have received and that my grandmother continues to receive after my grandfather's passing, has been outstanding. Every time I visit her she is clean and happy. The employees are always friendly and when it comes to elderly care, they are VERY attentive and can handle any type of residental need. Once you visit Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch®, you will observe Maria's hands-on approach. Maria is always ready to answer any question and to assist with the residents and the family in any way possible. I'll recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best elderly care in Escondido, CA.​

Micheal S.     07/09/2015
Columbia, MO

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Dear Eagles Nest,
For the past eleven years, Maria Richley and her staff at Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch took extraordinary care of our mother. They cooked delicious, healthy meals daily and adjusted her diet whenever required. 
Maria was amazingly attentive to Mom's health, taking her to the doctor, monitoring her medications and ensuring she was always comfortable. Throughout these years, Maria gave us complete peace of mind for Mom's care.
Mom passed away peacefully in January. It's impossible to describe how much Maria did for our mother, and us, during these years. Maria cared for Mom as if she was her own mother. 
We highly recommend Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch, Maria and her staff. They will provide unparalleled care, attention and compassion for your family member. 

Thank you Maria and staff, for all you've done!
Kirk and Jennifer.

Oakland, CA

Dear Maria and Staff,
     My husband was in Eagles Nest #6, run by Maria.  He had excellent care from the caregivers. The food was good, very, very clean and attention paid to every detail.  Whenever I would go to see him, I was always greeted with a smile from the caregiver and my husband was always dressed, hair combed and very clean.     To read more, click here

Mary C.       03/27/2015​
San Marcos, CA

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Care for the Elderly

Dear Maria and Staff,
     My Mom is and has been a patient/resident for 10 years now.  Mom receives the BEST care, like no other place. Maria and her staff are very attentive to Mom's needs, as well as the needs of the other residents. The staff  is very knowledgeable and caring.  Mom gets three meals a day plus snacks.  The caregivers at Eagles Nest 3, where my Mom is, always smile and are friendly!
     I strongly recommend Eagles Nest Retirement Ranch
® to anyone who is looking for the best care for their loved one.  The facility is kept clean at all times and her staff are always welcoming.
     Thank you Maria and staff for everything you do for Mom and me when I come to visit Mom.  I know Maria and her staff will be there for me when Mom leaves this earth and it's her turn to go to Heaven!

Vernon L.     04/12/2015
Escondido, CA

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